Good day, I hope someone finds this review helpful. This experience was very frustrating. There are a mixture of customer service, billing, and procedural shortcomings that resulted in my one star review. My 11 year old was referred here from Cibolo Pediatric Dentistry for tooth extraction. We have duel insurances and the extraction cost was ($1,400). Our expectation was to have the primary insurance billed first, followed by the secondary billing. This would mean we pay $112, I paid $500 and was told they would bill the secondary later and receive a refund within 90 days, first off this is stupid. I called other oral surgeons in San Antonio who also confirmed this. Other locations do as Cibolo Pediatric does which is bill the primary and secondary and you pay the remainder. This ploy that Gosset utilizes I believe is to make money at the patient’s expense fulling understanding how insurance reimbursement works.

I am a 20 year active duty Air Force nurse with a Master’s in Healthcare Administration. I understand there are many different ways to make money but it should not be at the patients expense. Bill primary than secondary insurance providers, accept what they pay out and bill the patient lastly.

The customer service here is poor, and i define withholding critical information as a lie. Information that should be provide is sequentially what should happen, financial responsibilities, and any safety concerns.

When I called with a referral for services, the clerk made it seem like she would have the procedure on the set date & time, and all they cared about was insurance information. I explained we had two insurances. When my wife showed up at the appointed time it was for a $200 consult, there was zero need for a consult. It was a stunt to maximize profit, 15 mins of redundant information that was already explained to us by Cibolo Pediatrics. If there is a law that required this consult, they should have let me know on the phone prior so I could have made a better informed decision. They again set a time and date for the actual procedure, and at this point explained how they will bill insurance carriers. I should have and regret not shopping around more. However, the Orthodontist from Cibolo Pedetric recommended this location. I understand they are friends and thats just how healthcare operates. Doctors look out for other doctors instead of ensuring the patient is fully satisfied, this is ethically wrong.

Lastly, two days before the procedure they called to confirm the appointment. I specifically asked about the bill and how much I should bring. They assured me twice we did not need to bring any funds, my understanding at this point is they were going to bill both insurances and figure out the balance at a later time, this was wrong. Again, whomever called did not explain fully, they should have. We showed on the appointed date, the two young females at the front only cared about collecting the 500$ that was not briefed two days prior. They rushed my daughter to the back. The RN providing care was short with my 11 year old asking her questions and when she hesitated answering increased her tone to the point of sternly asking. This was not required at all, and furthermore I was asked to pay three times. I had to leave the room and go and acquire the funds. I came back, paid and told to go sit in my car for however long, I was not allowed to see my kid prior to the operation. The skinny young girl at the front was rude when asked how long would the wait be. I remained professional but was clearly not happy at all with any part of this. The kicker was as soon as my daughter completed her surgery she was wheeled out overly sedated, she couldn’t even walk. I had to pick her up and put her in the car. Getting her out of the car at home required two people to carry her. Being prepared for the virus outbreak should never ever trump patient safety. EVER. Either recover her til she is more alert and able to walk or give her less sedation. AWFUL EXPERIENCE.