Jawline Enhancement and Augmentation

Jawline Enhancement

Aesthetic patients often present with a loss of continuity that comes with a straight, youthful jawline, commonly associated with age-related jowling. Facial ageing is a result of fat atrophy and volume loss from both bone resorption and tissue descent. Facial jowling can be worsened by the attenuation of the mandibular septum leading to the descent of the superior and inferior jowl fat compartments.

The accurate placement of an appropriately selected hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler at the mandibular angle, in the chin and the peri-jowl region can recreate an aesthetically youthful and structured jawline.

Jawline Augmentation

Jaw Augmentation (mandibular augmentation) improves the appearance of jaws that may look out of balance with other facial features. Jaw augmentation may also be used to correct structural jaw issues due to congenital deficiencies or facial trauma due to injury or accident. The procedure is intended to restore visual balance to the face by making a so-called “weak” jaw appear more angular and defined. A large, prominent jaw is often identified as a more masculine characteristic, whereas a softer, less defined jaw is perceived as being more feminine.

Jaw augmentation is performed under general anesthesia by making an incision inside of the patient’s mouth and inserting manufactured implants that have been created to the desired jawline shape. Once inserted, the implant is positioned flush against the existing jawbone and held in place with titanium screws. An identical implant is inserted on the other side. Closing sutures will dissolve on their own inside the mouth. Depending on the desired outcome, this procedure is sometimes combined with chin augmentation to achieve an ideal balance of facial features.

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